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5 Outdoor Areas That Work Well With Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone, also known as basalt stone, is popular among Australians because of its many attractive qualities. Bluestone pavers come in various earth-tone colours like brown, green and blue. These colours make bluestone ideal for outdoor applications in Australian yards. 

If bluestone is new to you, then you might wonder how and where you can use it on your property. Here are five of the most suitable places for bluestone pavers.

1. Shaded pool areas

Because bluestone pavers are made of volcanic rock, they have a rough texture. This makes them ideal for poolsides because they prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Blue or grey bluestone pavers are also great for pool areas because they match the colour of the water.

However, bluestone pavers usually come in dark colours, and this means they easily absorb heat from the sun. Since Australia receives a lot of sun during the summer when you use your pool the most, consider placing bluestone pavers in shaded areas. Otherwise, the pavers could become unbearably hot on summer days.

2. Stepping stones across a water feature

Bluestone pavers can work great as stepping stones crossing a pond or other water feature in a yard. Because of their blue and grey shade and their irregular shapes, bluestone pavers can become an attractive focal point of a water feature. And if you or your children wish to cross your water feature using the stepping stones, their rough texture will prevent you from slipping.

Bluestone is porous so remember to seal bluestone pavers, especially bluestone stepping-stones, as they will degrade over time otherwise.

3. Driveways

Bluestone is a very durable natural stone. This makes it ideal for driveways, where it can last for many decades no matter how many cars come and go. Bluestone pavers also have a modern appeal that will boost the kerb appeal of your home.

4. Outdoor staircases

An outdoor staircase is a great place for bluestone pavers too. Since bluestone pavers are rough, no matter what the weather is like outside, you can use your staircase without fear of slipping and falling.

5. Busy footpaths

Bluestone pavers are also great for high-traffic areas around your home. Because bluestone is so durable, it works great for outdoor footpaths, patios and areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Are you interested in investing in bluestone pavers for your yard? Then seek out a natural stone supplier near your home.