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Benefits Of Natural Stone Edging Pavers

The different elements within a backyard — including the garden beds, pathways and lawn — all benefit from edging pavers that keep the landscape spic and span. While various materials are on offer, most aren't as beautiful as natural stone pavers. Here are several benefits of natural stone pavers in more detail.

Easier Mowing

A border of stone pavers is ideal for separating lawns and garden beds. If you lay the pavers horizontally and flush with the landscape, you can push the mower with wheels running along the paver-border. Thus, the mower will reach the very edge of the grass and eliminate the need for additional trimming. On the other hand, vertically laid pavers create an attractive raised border, but you won't be able to mow right to the very edge in the same way. 

Variety Of Shapes And Colours

Natural stone pavers come in a variety of types, including bluestone, slate and travertine. The minerals within rocks imbue the slabs with different hues and patterns that add sparkle and interest to your garden beds and pathways. Select earthy rusts and ambers, or go with shades of blue and grey. With so many stone pavers available, you can easily harmonise the border with other hardscape elements. Additionally, why not repeat a stone from inside your home to blend the indoor and outdoor environments?

Aesthetic Value

Border pavers around the various sections organise and neaten the landscape. Beside garden beds, they hold soil in the right areas and keep out lawn weeds. Edging along gravel paths and patios helps to prevent small stones from spreading outwards, creating a messy look. It's particularly helpful on driveways as vehicle wheels spray small stones everywhere. Rock pavers can also help to highlight a focal point in the garden, such a rustic sundial or a beautiful old tree. 

Durable And Long-Lasting

Natural stone pavers are incredibly durable and longlasting, so they should endure for many years. Make sure though to follow manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and care.

If you're looking for a way to develop your garden, natural stone border pavers are ideal. Not only will they neaten the landscape, but the beautiful rock will create an interesting contrast with soft foliage. A wide variety of hues can match virtually any colour palette so that you can coordinate the stone pavers with other features, such as your home cladding, patio and fencing. By merely adding edging pavers, you can smarten and enhance the appearance of the entire landscape.