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Create A Greek-Style Courtyard Garden

If you've ever spent time in Greece then you probably fell in love with the idyllic courtyard gardens that are quintessentially Greek. You may want to recreate the Mediterranean magic in your own home by creating your own Greek-style courtyard garden. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple job and everything you need can be sourced with ease from local hardware stores and garden centres. Here are the three key elements you'll need to include.

1. Stone pavers

Stone pavers, from a place like HL Stone World, are the foundation to your courtyard garden and will probably be your biggest expense. To get the look right choose large pavers with a light, natural tone. Natural stone pavers such as sandstone or limestone are ideal, and the rough, unfinished surface will help to create a rustic and weathered look.

It's best to hire professional paving contractors for this job. Large pavers are heavy and cumbersome to move and lay. Contractors will also have all the right tools to make sure the end product is neat and that pavers are not going to crack due to incorrect positioning.

2. Timber furniture

A true Greek-style garden requires a simple yet sturdy timber table and chairs. To really get the right look they should be painted in an Aegean or Cerulean blue. The more battered and rustic the furniture is the better.

Many furniture companies now sell this shabby-chic style of furniture. You can also paint your existing timber furniture to save costs. Thoroughly sand the wood before painting it to remove any varnish or lacquer and bring it back to its natural state. Apply the paint in a thin layer which allows the wood grain to show through. After the paint is dry you can lightly sand small patches back to bare wood to give the wood an old and worn appearance.

3. Pot plants

Greek courtyard gardens are beautiful, but they're also very practical. Fill your courtyard with terracotta pots in a variety of shapes and sizes to create an eclectic feel. Everything that you plant in the pots should be edible as well as providing colour and wonderful scents.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and chillies are all staples in a Greek kitchen and grow happily in pots. Be sure to include herbs as well, with oregano, mint, and rosemary being a good choice. To complete the Greek-style planting, you can also grow a lemon tree and an olive tree in larger terracotta pots.

Creating a Greek-style courtyard is simple, but the end result will look amazing. All that's left to be done is to prepare a Greek meze feast to enjoy in your beautiful new garden.