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Correctly Using Sand To Help Install Conrete Pavers

When installing new concrete pavers, or repairing damaged pavers, sand is an integral part of the overall process. Although it may seem straightforward, there are a few things that you should know, especially if you are installing pavers for the first time. This article takes a brief look at the type of sand used, and how to properly use it to help you to do a professional, and great looking, installation job.

The Type Of Sand Used

For working with concrete, there is only really one proper type of sand to use. This sand is simply known as concrete sand, and will help you to evenly lay the pavers. Concrete sand is coarse, allowing the sand to mix with the crushed gravel upon which the pavers are placed.

When To Add The Sand

Before laying the concrete pavers, two separate layers of crushed gravel should be laid down first. Once these two layers have been pounded or leveled using a compactor, or a hand held compacting tool, the layers should be flat and even. The gravel itself should vary in size and shape; this allows the sand to mix and bond better than uniformly sized pieces of gravel. Once the gravel layers are in place, the sand should be added on.

Layer Of Sand

When adding the sand, it is very important to make sure that the layer of sand is evenly distributed across the gravel. This is important, as uneven sections of sand may result in uneven, and misaligned pavers. Use a hand tool to make sure that your sand layer is as even as you can get it. The sand is similar to a finisher layer for the gravel base, and will be the connecting element between the gravel and the concrete pavers.


When adding the layer of sand, it is important to know how thick the layer should be. If the layer is too thick, the pavers will be prone to sinking and moving in the sand, causing an uneven look. If the layer is too thin, the pavers will not be as securely installed as they should be. As a general rule, aim to make your layer of sand around an inch or so thick; layers of sand that are thicker than around an inch and a half are too thick, and may cause this sinking and moving of the pavers. Fine grained sand can be used to fill any gaps that may emerge between the pavers.

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